Faith and Flowers after The Flood

(ammended at the end, on 8/2018)


“What you seek is also seeking you.”

Shortly after going live with the Project, I was contacted by Judy to visit her country property and see what we could find.

Today was the day!

I packed supplies:

  • flower essence making kit for two
  • art supplies to draw plants
  • plant ID books
  • food, water, hat, camping chair

I followed her out to the property in Denham Springs.

We set up at the outdoor table and I noticed a sign in her garden declaring it a nature sanctuary.

It’s true.  To me this place feels immediately like love, a home, and history.  Beside us is a handmade house nearly a century old, in which she birthed and raised her children with her husband, and where they lived up to the Great Flood of 2016.  Escaping the flood was a harrowing event, including wading through waist high water, a rescue by the Cajun Navy, a ride to Baton Rouge in a National Guard truck, and evacuating again out of the first safe house they landed in.  As we walk and talk, I am aware of all these layers still here.  And the regeneration and change happening not just for this property and it’s gutted antique home, but also for her family.

This place is meaningful to them.   They have returned to reclaim it.  I am hopeful it will yield essences to support their journey.

This is what this project is about.


Ready to harvest, I make a list of the flowering plants currently on the property, and then connect with nature to determine which ones are correct to do today.

That’s relevant.

Sometimes the most beautiful blooms are happening, and I want to essence them up!  But when I check in with the plant, I’m told No.

Why is that?

I don’t know.

As a friend told me yesterday,

” ‘Why?’ is not a shamanic question.”


My best guess?  In each and every moment there is a different combination of energies happening on so many levels…  personal, seasonal, time of day and cosmic influences put together … all this is bigger than my understanding.  When making energetic essences, perhaps that counts.

Regardless of not knowing Why, I’ve learned to respect the No.

Once, I went to harvest a plant and was told No, only to find out later that it is regularly sprayed with pesticide, which I hadn’t known, and which would have ruined what I was making.  Thanks, plant.

The point is to trust.

Have faith.

(Thank you Liz.)


Today, the Yes came for two Louisiana wildflowers:

  • Butterweed, from the aster family, common to the southern part of the state
    *see post script
  • Blue Flowered Violet, a native

The essences were made in three hours… the tail end of which had me running to pull the bowls before a sudden downpour of rain swept through.

I sat with Judy under the shelter of the garage, and looked out at the sheets of rain. It clattered loudly on the metal roof.  It reminded me of a time in North Idaho, when I was on land receiving teachings where vision quests were just completing.

The questers had emerged from their dusting off sweat lodge, and came and sat under the communal tent. Within minutes clouds had gathered out of nowhere and rain swept through our area, gentle at first, then intensely, then stopped, followed by sunlight.

My teacher indicated it was the work of Creator, sending a blessing on what was done, to clean what was released, and reset the land.

This is important, because land holds memories and energies, just like people.

Bring this home: Big Hurricanes and Great Floods affect this place energetically, just as much as a person.   Ever feel the magnetic shift as a storm heads our way?  It’s not just the change in ions in the air… and we aren’t the only lifeforms affected…  Ever walked into a place and felt something wrong?  The health of place counts.

Today in Denham Springs, we’d raised the stories of survival, spoken of and to them, and they were there, ready for the healing.  I wondered if today’s rain would help.  After working many hours collaboratively with nature, I prayed this could be that kind of rain too.


Today was wonderful.

I’m grateful to Judy.

I’m amazed at how nature squeezed in these two essences in a window of time I thought would be too short.

I love seeing new energy gathering there… soon the house will be elevated.  And, white violets have appeared out of the blue in the shelter of a buckeye tree that is somehow doing better after the flood than it was before.  New flowers and growth = new energetic information = new support for a new chapter.  Yay!!!


A shout out to the Louisiana flowers that know how to thrive and shake off shock after major weather events…  where are you?  Send a hello.  I’m listening.

Let’s find each other.

* Post Script:

Since writing this blog post I have researched and learned that Butterweed has a toxin (pyrrolizidine) which is harmful to the liver when it’s plant parts are eaten.  Before realizing this I would go on to make Hairy Buttercup flower essence as wellwhich has a different irritating toxin.

Can a flower essence from a toxic plant be beneficial?

Potentially, yes.  But, don’t take my word for it.  I’m no expert on this, so I’ll refer you to one:  FES has a good take on the topic.


Since these two were essenced, I have run into a “Yes” from several plants with toxic attributes while out in the field, the most recent of which was Carolina Horse Nettle (part of the nightshade family. And let me tell you, that is one tense plant.)

When I recognize this now, I back up and politely decline.  Personally, I want to get my feet on solid ground with non toxic plant’s essences before going to these other ones.  Without knowing much, I can tell they are a category of their own; there’s a different energy on them as a whole.

So, Devas, why the yes on these?

Was there something else I am to understand here if it’s not about the essence itself?

I see now I was being schooled in not being ignorant of the science, in favor of the spirit. 


The goal is to utilize both.

If I knew it before intellectually, I know it now viscerally: cocreating with nature is not an ungrounded spiritual process.  It is a grounded scientific and spiritual one.  

It can be very easy to get caught up in the flow of the energies!  (Hey, we each have our challenges.)

As I buckle down to do the bookwork part of the Project I am acutely aware of this right brain/left brain difference in realities.  Somewhere in the middle is a meeting of the two, the sweet spot, the corpus collosum of cocreating.


As a precaution, both Butterweed and Hairy Buttercup (along with a few other flower essences) will not be included in the Project at this time, despite the fact that a properly made Flower Essence does not contain plant material (and if it does, it is in extremely minute amounts, with therefore a homeopathic effect that is not toxic) and the impact of a flower essence comes from the energetic pattern of the flower (that is not toxic).

For now, they will sit on a shelf in a corner, with a floating question mark above them, to be studied at a future date.

Whew, Devas. You are amazing teachers.


All photos, text, illustrations copyright 2018 Megan Assaf

A Louisiana Flower Essence Project and it’s materials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All material on this website is provided for informational purposes only.  Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider. 


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