A Project for the People

updated 7/25/2018


Just 2 updates here!

1) first public interaction for the LA Essences

2) Louisiana’s Magnolia flower essence

Recently at Regeneration Springs in Abita Springs, LA, I had the opportunity to bring the current project essences out for public sampling and feedback.  This was the first opportunity for the Project to interface in person outside of my clinical practice.

It was a blast!

herb walk just the table

Renowned herbalist and local legend Darrell from Blue Boy Herbs gave a delightfully informative and interesting plant walk.  Donna had the artisanal spring water swimming pool up and running, and we dined on amazing vegetarian food.  There were really great people there.

I spent several hours at the Project table answering questions, sampling and helping folks discern the essence right for them.

Folks were supportive.  Several thanked me for doing the work to put it together. I’m also thankful.  I’ve learned so much by doing this, and I will continue, no doubt, to learn more. I am so glad the essences could be there, to meet folks and engage them.

LAFEP phone dump 2 772
Southern Magnolia (magnolia grandiflora) The official Louisiana State Flower! Even the bees like it.


Just today it all aligned together to finally essence up the white Southern Magnolia blossom.

I’d heard for awhile now that I needed one.  I had yet to find one that had the ‘yes‘. In a city full of mature magnolia trees, how hard could it be, honestly?!

Famous last words. Ha ha

It took two months of eyes peeled everywhere I went, but I finally found it from a tree whose limb was overhanging a fence where people would not be passing by to sniff or touch it or pay it much attention.

This is important when harvesting, to have the blossom unaffected.

When it was time to pull the essence out of the sun, I bottled up the essence, and then drank the leftovers of the concentrated water in two gulps.


It tasted kinda tart and sweet.

I waited for the effect to kick in.

Waiting . . .


Waiting . . .




I felt a wave of gravity pulling me in towards my center and down towards the ground.

I felt a gathering up of my life force from all directions, which came together and solidified right in front of my spine.

Whatever parts of me that had been dispersed or out of body was pulled firmly back in, grounded, centered, and anchored solidly to my physical reality.


Do you see what I’m seeing here?

(I’m so excited!!)

This could be THE cornerstone essence I’ve been waiting for to help with trauma and PTSD from natural disasters in our area!!

I’ve been on the hunt for the ‘post natural disaster essence’ since the first harvesting trip to Judy’s earlier this year. Along the way, I’ve discovered other essences that help with specific aspects of trauma recovery, but none which were comprehensive. I began to realize I’d need a blend, and yet when I tried to combine them, they intuitively didn’t hold together energetically the way I knew would work somehow.

But now, I get it.

Nature showed me the clothes before showing me the closet.

None of these other Louisiana essences (so far as I’ve discovered) can do what Magnolia can do . . . which is to bring a person’s energy and spirit out of scattering, including scattering across the past and future.  It seems to call it forth solidly into the Now.  In doing so, perhaps it can provide the framework and anchor for other helper essences to work from.

And, how interesting that this flower thrives in a part of the country that prioritizes honoring the past and it’s traditions (some traditions being honorable, some being prejudiced).  At this time in history, I see it could be useful for collective healing.

Over the next few months I’ll start exploring the combinations for helping relieve energetic trauma.

We will see what happens!

(Yes, this felt response to trying Magnolia sounds dramatic! But consider this: when someone takes the flower essence that is right for them, it works wonders 😉  When it’s not, it doesn’t feel like it does much.  Some essences work better over time to shift patterns, and some appear to shift things ‘post haste’.  So much to learn. . . )

LAFEP phone dump 2 131.jpg
Gulf Coast Penstemon (native herbacious perennial in the Scrophulariaceae).   

❤ A reminder . . . 

If you brought home a blend or single essence to work with from the event, please write in and let me know how it’s going for you.  All feedback counts.  Thank you. 🙂

Thank you to all who stopped by the booth to visit.  And thank you to Donna of Regeneration Springs for letting me and the Project be there.

And, Holy Cow, Devas and Nature Spirits.  Thank you for putting together a type of ‘rescue remedy’ for our people!!  This is such an amazing treasure hunt!


All photos, text, illustrations copyright 2018 Megan Assaf

A Louisiana Flower Essence Project and it’s materials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All material on this website is provided for informational purposes only.  Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider. 





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