Winter Progress Notes

It’s getting dark by 5pm, a few miles from the muddy Mississippi River.  Solstice is welcome!

3 updates:

  1. Last month, a major goal of the Project came together.  A post natural disaster trauma formula solidified and I’m now enjoying working with it. It reminds me of the best of our southern cultures, and how they help in dire times.

    My friend Becca Begnaud, a healer and Cajun Traiteur, once said to me ‘the Cajun people survived everything they went through because they knew how to help each other and come together as a community… in other words they knew that even if you don’t get along you can still help each other out.  That’s what community does, that’s what it means.  There was no doubt about you fed each other and you helped each other, that was seriously given no matter who you were.’

    Who would have thought Partridge Berry flower essence could be experienced this way?  A plant typically used in herbalism for fertility and women’s health, it has two distinct white flowers which bloom very close side by side, but stretch up from the same spot.  And, sometimes, petals form in such a way that give the illusion of being one and the same flower…

    Partridge Berry weaves into the formula alongside Pink Crimsoneyed Rose Mallow flower essence (which so far seems to be about connecting to what sustains and nurtures; feeling heart centered relief), Blue Vervain flower essence (supporting the nerves and mind to rest) and Magnolia flower essence (regrouping the spirit into a solid, present, center).

    Think that might be useful after a natural disaster down here?  I sure do.

    I’m delighted to learn more as I use it.  It’s ready for proofing if you would like. Let me know.

    And, as another dear friend put it, I’m so glad this came together before you leave the South… so you can bring all that caringness with you.

    Partridge Berry

    2. I am too.  Because I am.  Leaving, that is.

    A major turn of events, all positive, is relocating me north.

    I will be taking the 40+ Gulf South plant essences for safe keeping and further discovery. I can feel already how it will bring green comfort while in a white landscape.

    I wonder how much more the land will change while I’m gone?



    bayou 2017 018
    Louisiana Gulf Coastline, outside Rockefeller Preserve

    3. Lastly.  I am training in Bach Flower Essence Therapy.

    I was not sure I should do this when I saw the opportunity.  I had concerns it might pull me out of my intuitively guided process which has been so deeply rewarding and rich to experience and felt very connected to the devas.

    Yet I realized I needed to venture into some of the collective information out there on flower essences… to find a foothold in language and understanding with a larger community.  I knew what I had been learning… but what were they learning?  It took curiousity to sign up, but also trust and courage.

    If you are interested, I recommend it.  Check out the year long study of Bach flower Essences with Traditional Chinese Medicine thru Loey Colebeck.  (I highly recommend her teaching and her one on one work with Flower Essence Therapy if you are ready to transform your life.) She’s perceptive and skilled and really a wonderful guide into this world.

    My hope is that learning more about the Bach system will help me better understand, utilize, and develop what I’ve collected this year.


    FYI, there are apparently many scientific studies done with flower essences.  I’m told many of them are in Spanish (I grew up hearing spanish at my grandparents’ home but I don’t speak it). Cuba has integrated the Bach remedies into their national health care system (how amazing is that?!).  One of the areas documented is in trauma recovery.

    That’s good news for us Gulf People.

    2018 Photos phone 379
    Lake Martin, dusk.

    And so, it continues.  Unexpected.  Wonder-eyed.

    For those who generously let me harvest their plants, the samples of your flowers are forthcoming. Thank you for your patience, and support.

    The past few years, and especially this year, I’m learning that healing happens within relationship.  Between Self and Source.  Between people.  And between species.

    May your relationship with nature bring you deep wellness in these unsettling times.

4 thoughts on “Winter Progress Notes”

  1. Lovely! It’s a treat to hear about your work. One correction: Cuba, not Spain, has integrated Flower Essence Therapy into its national healthcare system. For your move: If Elm has been helping you in a glass of water, I suggest mixing for yourself in a dosage bottle with Elm, Walnut and Scleranthus. For transition + protection, and overwhelm. The other 2 formulas we’ve been working with can be taken once few days or even once a week. Bon Voyage and see you next month. Loey

      Loey Colebeck  Holistic Mental Health + Integrative Wellness  +1 952 201 2966 CONFIDENTIAL. This email may contain health information protected under state and local law. This information is intended only for the use of the individual to which it was addressed.  If you believe you have received this communication in error, please delete this message and all attachments, and contact us immediately.

    En viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2018 18:46:53 GMT-6, A Louisiana Flower Essence Project escribió: | M posted: “It’s getting dark by 5pm, a few miles from the muddy Mississippi River.  Solstice is welcome!3 updates: Last month, a major goal of the Project came together.  A post natural disaster trauma formula solidified and I’m now enjoying working with it. It ” | |


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