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updated 2/4/2018

I can’t do it without your help! 

3 easy ways to support the project below:


  1. I need access to land with Louisiana Native Plants growing on it.  It is ideal if the plants are growing wild in their native habitat.It also needs to be:- no pesticide, herbicide spraying near the plants .

    In exchange, you’ll receive a bottle of essence of each of your plants used, direct experience in learning how it’s made and how to use if you like, given credit in the project database, and when the energetic healing properties of the plants from your property are identified, I’ll contact you to let you know what was discovered!
  2. Become a ‘tester’ to help discover the properties of these new essences!  To my knowledge, this has not yet been done on many of the Louisiana plants!   This involves keeping a record of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations as a result of using them over a dedicated course of time.  If you have previous experience in using or learning flower essences, or are sensitive to energies or your own body, this will be a fun task for you!You do *not* have to be local to participate! If you are committed to do the observation, I can mail sampler essences to you.  Testing will begin once I’ve assembled a small collection of essences to start with, if all goes well, by the summer of 2018.In exchange for helping, you keep the essences you test, you’ll get credit in the database, and you’ll be able to see how your data had common ground with the other tester data, which is both interesting and validating!


  3. Consider a small donation to help fund the cost of making essences and bottles,  gas for travel to places where plants live, mailing testing samplers, and producing educational materials for the outreach phase of the project.  This is a non profit project.  All monies collected go to the project.In exchange you’ll be listed as a sponsor, if you like, in the database, and have my everlasting gratitude for your belief and acknowledgement of the importance of what this project is seeking to accomplish.  Thank you. 
    To help, please contact me!  
    Thank you!





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