updated 12/21/18

I highly recommend the following opportunities:

Acadiana Master Naturalist Program

Louisiana Master Naturalist Program

Flower Essence Training Program


Books about Louisiana Flowers:

“Louisiana Wildflower Guide” by Charles Allen, Kenneth A. Wilson, Harry H. Winters, Published by Allen’s Native Ventures, LLC


Books about Flower Essences:

Machaelle Small Wright:  “Flower Essences“,  Perelandra Publishing

Mechthild Scheffer: “The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy“, Healing Arts Press.  (This one has beautiful photos of the energetic patterns of the flowers.)

Pablo Noriega (translated by Loey Colebeck): “Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine”, Healing Arts Press.


Each of these have good educational materials available as well.



Flower Essence Services


Other Research:

Effect of Bach Flower Essence in Acute Inflammation 

Look to the bottom of this page for a reference to the Townsend Letter article

The Flower Essence Society is funding scientific research, trainings for practitioners who do case study reporting, and also offers the International Research Journal Online about Flower Essences.



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